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Mystery Pool

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Mystery Pool, Karijini

Mystery Pool, Karijini

This pool is located just near what Casey and myself were calling the Wall of Death ( 40 mtr abseil down Weano Falls ) we stopped here to have lunch, our last supper, and I thought this was a pretty nice shot but cant even remember if this pool actually had a name or not…… There is so much beautiful stuff within Karijini and I am sure that we barely scratched the surface so I am sure there will be another trip over to WA one day soon


West OZ Active

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For anyone that has been to Karijini ( and if you have not, what are you waiting for ) you would have seen these trees before, but probably not like this. These are the trees that you see when standing on Oxers Lookout down towards Junction Pool….. When I first seen them, from the lookout, I asked the other guys – How on hell would you get out of there ? and the answer is two words – Dan & Brydie….. Dan & Brydie are the awesome team at West OZ Active  that took Casey and myself rite down into the deepest part of Karijini not accessible to the general public… We got to abseil down 40 metre Weano Falls ( shitting myself mind you ) and see some absolutely crazy stuff……. They are really safety orientated and not once did I ever not feel safe and Brydie herself is a keen photographer so we showed her a few things along the way… 


Karijini Trees

Karijini Trees

They provide you with all the gear and lunch, transport to and from certain areas and most of all, one of the bloody best times you are certain to ever have in your whole freaking life……. Anyone going there should look them up, can not say a single bad thing about them……




Brydie was also feeling the force and just could not wait to get a piece of the TNFP sensation that is sweeping the world……… In all honesty, it was probably one of the best things I have ever done in my life, thanks Brydie……

Marble Bar Rd

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Just another red dirt road… this one is in Marble Bar, near Marble Bar pool ( which isnt really a pool, more like a little lake ) . We camped here in the van park for one night and even managed to get a powered site for free……


Marble Bar, WA

Marble Bar, WA


I am still sorting through all the images from my trip, but so far so good I think… Will post more as I get to them but there are some which I may just hold back for a future project I am working on…. either way, WATCH THIS SPACE ! ! ! !



Price's Point, WA

Camel Man & Albert

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Every now and then, a once in a lifetime thing happens to someone…. and that time for me was last week. We were heading south from a tiny little place called Sandfire when Albert in the back said ” My mate told us to go on the Boreline Rd to Marble bar and into Karijini from there “.. I gotta admit, the prospect of doing another 150 – 200 klms on dirt was not real appealing, and I am certain Casey felt the same…. but WE turned left and pointed the Troopie in direction of red dirt….


After approx 40 klms or so, there was something on the horizon… an eary shadow… was it a UFO, or something from Startrek ( I mention star trek for Albert, he’s a massive fan ). It was none of these, it was……..


Camel Man, WA


It was like nothing I had ever seen before, this crazy guy walking his two camels and they were towing a cut down Suzuki Bongo van, which had a number plate that read ” Shit Happens ” .This guy was wearing a bee keepers mask or something and screamed at us ” walla walla, stay away from my dog ”  – the dog is not in this shot, which by the way was wearing some kind of muzzle like camel man…….

Moving on, if you look closely, Camel Man has less teeth than the bloody camels and smelt worse two….. I am sure I could travel around OZ for the rest of my life and never run into Camel Man again… I wonder where he is now ? If anyone else has ever seen him, I would love to know when and where huh.

Further down the Boreline Rd we were greeted with some amazing clouds and it had Albert so excited he demanded that we pull the Troopie over so he could get on the roof and strut his stuff….. but I am glad we did , thanks mate ! ! !


Casey & Albert ( aka Flemming bo Jensen)


Well I am back from West oZ where I caught up with fellow photographers Casey Smith and Flemming bo Jensen ( who now wants to be known simply as ALBERT ). What an amazing place Wa is, I have never been there before and did not even really scratch the surface of what this state has to offer as far as photography goes, but I ma sure I will get back there one day to find out more. The trip started in Broome, where Casey picked me up from the airport and stayed the night before picking Albert up the next day and heading to Cape Leveque. Cape Leveque is approx 200 klms north of Broome along mostly dirty dusty road, but our transport, Casey’s troopcarrier ( fotos of the beast will follow ) never missed a beat. We had planned on there nights here, but left after two after shooting as much as we could there and heading back into Broome for two nights. We then went via the Boreline Road towards Marble Bar, which was our last stop before going to Karijini. Marble Bar is known as the hottest place in Australia, on record for having 167 consecutive days of 40 degress temps in a row, something they seem to be quite proud of…. They had to open the office for us, at 3pm ( busy day in the Marble Bar van park ) so we could get our site…..


Cape Leveque storm, WA

I managed to snap off a few shots here before heading back to our site where we got a powered site for an OUTSTANDING $30… can u believe they charged us an extra $10 because we had an extra person….  ! ! !  We then headed to Karijini for the next 6 nights… more to come about this amazing place in another post, along with some more images….. I do have to say a massive thanks to Casey, not only for having us both along ( Albert and myself ) but for driving most of the way and letting us use his car whenever we needed…. Thanks mate, I really appreciate it……

Home Sweet Home….

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Here it is, our home for the first there nights of my West oz adventure, with Casey and Flemming ( aka ALBERT EDWARD ). It was so much fun camping out here at Cape Leveque and shooting wherever and whenever we could. We are now back in Broome and heading towards Port Hedland and then into Karijini National Park for 6 nights from Saturday…. Talk to you soon


Cape Leveque, WA

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Just a quick image from our first night in Cape Leveque, WA. It is about a three hour drive north of Broome along a pretty rough dirt road, but it was worth the drive…..