Camel Man & Albert

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

Every now and then, a once in a lifetime thing happens to someone…. and that time for me was last week. We were heading south from a tiny little place called Sandfire when Albert in the back said ” My mate told us to go on the Boreline Rd to Marble bar and into Karijini from there “.. I gotta admit, the prospect of doing another 150 – 200 klms on dirt was not real appealing, and I am certain Casey felt the same…. but WE turned left and pointed the Troopie in direction of red dirt….


After approx 40 klms or so, there was something on the horizon… an eary shadow… was it a UFO, or something from Startrek ( I mention star trek for Albert, he’s a massive fan ). It was none of these, it was……..


Camel Man, WA


It was like nothing I had ever seen before, this crazy guy walking his two camels and they were towing a cut down Suzuki Bongo van, which had a number plate that read ” Shit Happens ” .This guy was wearing a bee keepers mask or something and screamed at us ” walla walla, stay away from my dog ”  – the dog is not in this shot, which by the way was wearing some kind of muzzle like camel man…….

Moving on, if you look closely, Camel Man has less teeth than the bloody camels and smelt worse two….. I am sure I could travel around OZ for the rest of my life and never run into Camel Man again… I wonder where he is now ? If anyone else has ever seen him, I would love to know when and where huh.

Further down the Boreline Rd we were greeted with some amazing clouds and it had Albert so excited he demanded that we pull the Troopie over so he could get on the roof and strut his stuff….. but I am glad we did , thanks mate ! ! !


Casey & Albert ( aka Flemming bo Jensen)

  1. Star Wars…I am a massive Star Wars fan (not Star Trek, big difference). “Use the force Luke” and all that, remember 🙂

    Mate, that is a super funny post, had me splitting me sides with laughter thinking back on Camel Man. A truly out of this world moment, so surreal we even forgot to video the guy. It was just one of those moments where you look at each other after he and his smell passed us and go “did that happen????”. Must be those missing teeth that made every word he said sound like “walla lalla!”

    Boreline dirt Road was worth it, good tip from my mate Dragan there as it was such a gorgeous drive…and with Camel Man dotting the i !

    Btw that shot from the top of the Troopie, people can’t tell on the photo but it was blowing a gale! That is why I am holding on to my super light weight super expencsive mag fibre Gitzo tripod as it was threatening to take off (so was I, I too am super light weight although not so expensive). Good thing my hair withstood the wind!

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    Sorry mate…. I thought Dr Spok and Darth Vader were related ! ! !

  3. Charlene says:

    Camel Man sure makes for a bizarre sight! Didn’t sound very conversational… thought i’m guessing he’d have several thousand followers if he thought to make a fan page on facebook 😀

    I like the way you organise storage in the Troopie. How does a third person get in the back though? Do your front seats flip forward?

    (I was directed here by Albert)

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    There was a middle row of seats and we just slid the seat forward so Albert could get in the back… he was in chrage of navigation and had a great view of what was going on from there…..
    And I am sure if he had a fan club, he would have followers for sure… I would be one.

  5. caseysmith says:

    Great shots Rod, I got mine back today and I have some winners for sure. I will be posting very soon so be sure to have a look at my blog. Ill try and call you tomorrow. Its good to be home thats for sure.

  6. bryceworld says:

    That red road looks likes it’s red hot!!

  7. […] Camel Man! You must read Rod’s super funny CAKE09 blog post about Camel Man & yours truly. I was planning to write the story as well but Rod’s tells it better than anyone. “Albert” is my CAKE09 nickname, something to do with Albert Namatjira (famous aboriginal artist). Casey has also posted some great CAKE09 shots on his blog. […]

  8. Looks like he’s upgraded – I saw him on the road into Monkey Mia in October 08. Everyone was stopping to say hi. I’ve chucked a quick pic from a point and shoot on my blog. Great shots btw, wish i wasnt stuck in perth!

  9. Charlene says:

    Rod, Albert says to ask you how he got his name. What’s the story? 🙂

  10. Rod Thomas says:

    That is so cool… I would love to know how many bloody klms this guy has travelled huh… it does look like he has had some panel work doen to his little wagon though huh..

    I named him ALBERT even before meeting him. After reading his posts and learning of his love affair with Aboriginals and their customs and homes, I named him after the only Aboriginal artist I know, ALBERT Namatjira. At first, it was only a gee up, but through out the trip, it stuck….. so from now on to me he is simply ALBERT ( and deep down I think he likes it too, but he wont say so )

  11. Luke Austin says:

    Camel Man ey, must have been a real character. Looking forward to the Karrajini shots.
    Added your blog to my blog roll.

    • rodthomas says:

      Character is one way of putting it mate……. Still going through hte images from Karijini so hope to have some up soon. I also added you to my blogroll


  12. […] Rod Thomas tells the Camel Man story much funnier than me (with a better shot as well) on his blog. Casey Smith has a great 617 panorama shot of the Pilbara rocks […]

  13. […] Rod Thomas tells the Camel Man story much funnier than me (with a better shot as well) on his blog. Casey Smith has a great 617 panorama shot of the Pilbara rocks […]

  14. Dawn Churchill says:

    Hi Rod,

    Admiring your photos. Wish mine looked as good as yours. Been to some of the places you’ve been.

    The camel man is called Klaus. He has been on the road for 7 years. We met him on 30/6/09 230klms nth of Sandfire (between Broome and Barn Hill Station). Yep, he was grotty but interesting. The dog was called Blackie and he was in trouble as that morning he had rolled on s*** (Klaus’s). Asked him if he wanted anything. He said he was fine and was enjoying reading a book. He did tell us the camels names but have forgotten them.

    Amazing what one sees travelling around.

  15. Rod Thomas says:

    Hey Dawn,

    Thanks for stopping bye….. He was interesting to say the least… A quick question, how did you find me ? Just curious

    Thanks again


  16. Liz says:

    Just met camel man this morning in Sisters Beach Tasmania, minus camels but with a bike, apparently the camels are in a paddock in Birdsville. He was travelling around on this bike with just a swag and a few bits and pieces!

  17. […] Rod Thomas tells the Camel Man story much funnier than me (with a better shot as well) on his blog. Casey Smith has a great 617 panorama shot of the Pilbara rocks […]

  18. Taila Bold says:

    His name is Claus … born in Germany, but lived 45 years in Australia. He’s been bicycling the past several years in many countries. I met him last night at Bullard’s Beach Campground in Bandon, OR. He’s on his way to ride in Argentina. Super nice man!!

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