Marble Bar Rd

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just another red dirt road… this one is in Marble Bar, near Marble Bar pool ( which isnt really a pool, more like a little lake ) . We camped here in the van park for one night and even managed to get a powered site for free……


Marble Bar, WA

Marble Bar, WA


I am still sorting through all the images from my trip, but so far so good I think… Will post more as I get to them but there are some which I may just hold back for a future project I am working on…. either way, WATCH THIS SPACE ! ! ! !



Price's Point, WA

  1. Ahh Marble Bar Pool…where I left my sunnies one day and found them the next. Where I jumped around on rocks like mountain goat while you shot an awesome photo I never spotted.

    (We still need to find out what the h… Jasper is or who he is!)

  2. Casey Smith says:

    I recall that header photo, as I lay freezing in the sleeping bag watching you 2 shoot the sunrise. Although it was supposed to be the hottest place in Australia, it was still damm cold as well.

  3. mervfrench says:

    When we have been thru Marble Bar, if it’s evening we give the town a miss and camp out at Chinamans Pool, it turns off that road you have above, and you just drive down the river a bit. I’m not sure that you are supposed to camp there but the ranger came out once and drove off and didn’t say anything.

    Jasper is a type of stone it’s all around that pool that you went to down that road, it’a green colour stone.

    Did you get a shot at the water?

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    Marble Bar for us was a bit of a hit and run mission huh……. we got there late in the afternoon and left again early in the morning… We drove in and had a quick look at Chinamans pool in the afternoon and were going to go there early in the morning, but we went back to Marble Bar pool instead where I was the only one who got out and shot ….. Awesome reflection, sky and water…. Cant wait to process that shot, when I do, youll see it on here

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