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Posted: June 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

For anyone that has been to Karijini ( and if you have not, what are you waiting for ) you would have seen these trees before, but probably not like this. These are the trees that you see when standing on Oxers Lookout down towards Junction Pool….. When I first seen them, from the lookout, I asked the other guys – How on hell would you get out of there ? and the answer is two words – Dan & Brydie….. Dan & Brydie are the awesome team at West OZ Active  that took Casey and myself rite down into the deepest part of Karijini not accessible to the general public… We got to abseil down 40 metre Weano Falls ( shitting myself mind you ) and see some absolutely crazy stuff……. They are really safety orientated and not once did I ever not feel safe and Brydie herself is a keen photographer so we showed her a few things along the way… 


Karijini Trees

Karijini Trees

They provide you with all the gear and lunch, transport to and from certain areas and most of all, one of the bloody best times you are certain to ever have in your whole freaking life……. Anyone going there should look them up, can not say a single bad thing about them……




Brydie was also feeling the force and just could not wait to get a piece of the TNFP sensation that is sweeping the world……… In all honesty, it was probably one of the best things I have ever done in my life, thanks Brydie……

  1. Casey says:

    Great shot of the trees Rod and I will be keen to see how my shot looks from the different angle. Also I agree with what you have said about West Os Active, great pair of people to keep you safe and enjoy the trip with.

  2. mate nice shot of the trees and the tee matches her helmet, great colour coordination!!

  3. Nice one Rod ! Are the highlights slightly burned? just seem to loose a bit of detail on the trees.

    TNFP is now a legend, from Cape Leveque to Karijini !

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    They are a little bit mate, it was just soemthign I threw together pretty quick to put on here and will be all sorted in final edit…. Hey, where are your crooked horizon shots mate ? and how is Borneo ?

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