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Lake Munmorah National Park

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This is a shot I took about a month ago and have only just got around to having a look at it. On this particular day I was shooting rite near the edge of the rocks and I moved away to go to a different location and after a few steps I turned around and this massive wave broke rite where I was…… Would have soaked me and all my gear. I looked at my mate I was with and we both just shook our heads……. A few days later I got drenched…. I guess thats Karma for ya ! ! !


Kimberleys Transport

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Sometimes in life you get opportunity’s come your way… and this is one I nearly let slip… note to self ” IDIOT “…. My brother is part of a helicopter safari group that is touring the top end of Australia and he has had someone pull out at the last minute….. He asked if I wanted to go and do the Kimberleys section of the trip, and originally I said NO….. Then I thought about it overnight and said YES, so now I am off next Thursday to Darwin to meet them and continue the rest of the trip with the other guys……


This is my transport from Darwin to Broome, via The Berkeley River, Hunter River, Mitchell Falls and all sorts of other stuff that not many people would have had the chance to photograph yet… I am hoping to get some great shots and have an awesome time. This is my second trip to WA in the space of approx two months after having never been there all my life and cant wait to get a glimpse of the Kimberley Region…. Keep an eye out for some new images from this trip in the coming weeks and also I have added some images to the Western Australia gallery @

Foresters Beach

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Forrester's Beach

I went out to Forresters Beach this morning after reading about it on Brent Pearsons free foto guide site and it was alot of fun. I cant wait to get back there and shoot some more stuff. I am actually goign to do Brent’s workshop in two weeks, so hopefully will pick up some tips from the master himself… stay tuned ! ! !

Stormy Bay

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wybung  Panorama

Wybung Heads


Whoa Pool

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Whoa Pool, Karijini

Whoa Pool, Karijini