Foresters Beach

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Forrester's Beach

I went out to Forresters Beach this morning after reading about it on Brent Pearsons free foto guide site and it was alot of fun. I cant wait to get back there and shoot some more stuff. I am actually goign to do Brent’s workshop in two weeks, so hopefully will pick up some tips from the master himself… stay tuned ! ! !

  1. Ilya Genkin says:

    Great shot, Rod! Very nice clouds!
    Forresters Beach is a real gem for photographers (as well as Turimetta Beacj in Sydney).

  2. Brent has heaps of knowledge Rod, he will be great to learn from. I would have put my nd on for this pic mate to give it more mood.

  3. Casey Smith says:

    Nice shot Rod and I hope you are having fun up at the Gold Coast. Can we see the shots you took where the massive wave crashed over you and near dragged you back into the ocean. Or will that be in your next post. z

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    I am a rock mate, no wave was taking me alive ! ! and NO, you cant see it

    Gold Coast was a blast but good to be home… too much alcohol and I think the liver is failing

    Talk to you soon mate

  5. katie says:

    Do you have a camera housing or do you just keep your fingers crossed that you don’t get wet? Hah. I’m new to your blog, but after seeing this picture I’m sure I’ll become a regular visitor 🙂

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