Kimberleys Transport

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

Sometimes in life you get opportunity’s come your way… and this is one I nearly let slip… note to self ” IDIOT “…. My brother is part of a helicopter safari group that is touring the top end of Australia and he has had someone pull out at the last minute….. He asked if I wanted to go and do the Kimberleys section of the trip, and originally I said NO….. Then I thought about it overnight and said YES, so now I am off next Thursday to Darwin to meet them and continue the rest of the trip with the other guys……


This is my transport from Darwin to Broome, via The Berkeley River, Hunter River, Mitchell Falls and all sorts of other stuff that not many people would have had the chance to photograph yet… I am hoping to get some great shots and have an awesome time. This is my second trip to WA in the space of approx two months after having never been there all my life and cant wait to get a glimpse of the Kimberley Region…. Keep an eye out for some new images from this trip in the coming weeks and also I have added some images to the Western Australia gallery @

  1. OUTSTANDING Mate…outstanding. So incredibly jealous, have an outstanding time and try not to fall into the Mitchell Falls!

    (what happened to the post about the Fern Pool?)

  2. Casey Smith says:

    Hey Rod, have a great trip buddy, I m also hoping to go flying on Wednesday. But I am betting you will have a great time ad get some great shots from the air. Talk you when you get home next week. 🙂

  3. Rod says:

    I took it down because i want to do a little more work to it and kind of thought it wasnt ready…….

    I hope I do get the shots mate, it will be pretty cool. The main objective is to avoid crocodiles and ill be happy

  4. Hey Rod

    You’ll love it! It’s God’s country up there. I’ve been twice up that way and yea its bloody beautiful!

  5. truenorthmark says:

    Nice ride mate! Want to borrow my rig so you can slide out a few times!!



  6. Rod Thomas says:


    For sure mate, where can I pick it up from… Is it in Wyndham by any chance ?

  7. mattlauder says:

    Lucky bastard… giving that 5D a work out while hanging out of a chopper, sure beats a 9 to 5 job.

  8. Tony Middleton says:

    How did the trip go Rod ?
    It would have been an amazing experience I’d think !
    I can’t wait to see some pics from it.

    tone 🙂

  9. rodthomas says:


    Im back from WA and what a hoot of a trip. While it was not the best for photography ( read the Kimberleys Wrap Up post ) it was still an amazing trip to be a part of. Thanks to David Bettini, Mark Stothard and also Christian Fletcher for taking my calls in relation to this trip… all greatly appreciated… You might be getting some more soon

    Im going back, anyone want to join me ?


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