Kimberley’s Wrap Up

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have just got back from a whirlwind trip to the Kimberleys where I travelled from Darwin To Broome via the coastline and rivers in between in my brothers helicopter which was one of 24 machines doing a Top End Safari. I had planned on doing a little more from the chopper shooting, but as we had another three guys in the machine and all our bags and stuff, it meant we were not able to run on full fuel meaning some places just had to missed and we had to make certain fuel stops…. I still think I managed to snag a few ok shots, but it has given me a huge desire to return back to this region and do some more shooting. Flying around you got to see most stuff that you would never ever see doing the whole camping thing and also found a few new spots that I am sure have never been shot before, but require chopper access.

emma-blogThis was shot at Emma Gorge, El Questro Wildnerness Park

Ill add some more shots from the trip soon as I have been home less than 24 hours and am already dreaming about going again. If anyone is going there and needs someone to help cut the costs, I AM YOUR MAN ! ! !  !  Needless to say, I had an absolute ball, regardless of wether or not I got lots of shots. To experience that stuff from that view is something that I will never ever forget… unless I do a True North Trip, which I gotta tell ya, IS on the cards. Stay tuned

  1. Mark Griffin says:

    Lovely shot. I have got to get up there for a trip. I keep getting close for jobs on mine sites but never to spend a few days shooting for myself…

  2. Christian says:

    welcome back to the real world. My bro worked out the best time to shoot Emma Gorge, turns out to be around midday. This is a nice clean shot mate, imagine those falls in the wet.

  3. truenorthmark says:

    Cracker shot Rod. This is one of the most picturesque gorges up there I reckon. And yes Mike also did a great job of his vid when he went there after our trip.

    I look fwd to the rest of your Kimberley shots!



  4. Welcome back mate, look especially forward to seeing your Mitchell falls shots! This is a nice one of Emma Gorge, I reckon I might enjoy having the waterfall not quite so much right in the middle of the composition. Nice work, getting it without photo wreckers in the water. Was it not busy when you were there?

  5. Casey Smith says:

    Hey Rod, wow how you see so much more with the Canon and stitching than the 90mm. Nice shots mate. I had a couple of photo wreckers but they asked me if it is ok that they went in the water, I said yes that cool I know you wont be in there too long, as it was freezing. I had to wait no longer tan 5 mins for the to get out.

  6. Hi Rod,

    That water looks for inviting but I bet its really cold. Great shot.

    Jamie Paterson

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