True North

Posted: August 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

When I went to The Kimberleys recently, I asked Mark if I could email him or talk to him about a few spots that he would have visited on the boat. Mark was exceptionally friendly and helpful ( bear in mind I had never ever met him, or even talked to him for that matter ) and I found it no surpsrise that a friend I met on the Heli Safari had this to say about True North and its staff……

” Rod, I have been travelling alot and have visited over 70 countries, and do you know what ? The True North is by far the best thing I have ever done in my life ”

Again, I had only just met this guy and here I was flying around in his machine with the doors off doing a spot of heli fishing and talking about the True North and I have no doubt that after speaking with Mark I am sure that his staff and boat people are exactly the same…


True North here I come……

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Thanks for the wrap Rod!

    I look fwd to meeting you soon sometime. What neck of the woods are you domiciled in?



  2. rodthomas says:


    I live on Lake Macquarie, approx 90 minutes north of Sydney… If you ever get up this way and feel like fishing, well take you outside in my brothers boat…..its nothing like True North, but is not to shabby.


  3. truenorthmark says:

    Do you know Jeff Bergess, or Macka, or Steve Cummins?

    I used to live in Summerland Point for 7 months! Small world eh!

    It is highly likely that a liveaboard project will be being built in Newcastle in the not too distant future and I will be the owner’s rep for that project, so I will be visiting there on a monthly basis.

    We will catch up for sure. Beuatiful part of the world you live in Rod!



  4. Rod, thanks for that story, it makes my upcoming trip on true north even more exciting.
    cheers buddy

  5. Mike Fletcher says:

    Hi Rod. I have been on True North and it was the best trip I have ever done. I was only on for half the 13 day trip and i’ll be doing the second half in a couple of weeks. Got to thank my bro for that and of course Mark and Craigo for giving me the opportunity.

    True North is FN awesome. All the hype is true. They sure know how to do things right.

  6. rodthomas says:

    I swear one of you guys must need someone ( preferably me ) to carry your bloody bags dont ya ?

    One day Mike, I will do it.. but after reading all about the trips and seeing some of Marks photos, I think I wanna do PNG now instead huh… oh and win this comp your brother is raving on about so I can do NYE on the damn thing…

    Thanks for dropping by

  7. Mike Fletcher says:

    Sorry mate Christian carries my bags. I’m the real talent behind the brand. Tee Hee!!!
    PNG looks awesome but a few things need to go my way before I get even a sniff. May just have to go and buy the bloody thing.

  8. rod thomas says:

    I have heard that as well so it does not surprise me to hear you say it….
    PNG would be awesome, and I had round 1 in what I am sure will be a go the distance fight with my wife about it… stay tuned to see who is victorious

  9. truenorthmark says:

    Hang in there Rod….I am sure blokes will win the day over girls!!



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