Foresters Beach

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was just going through some old shots at home last night and came across this….

foresters-beachThis was my first and only time at this location, which is not that far from my house…. but I will be going back there for sure. Tomorrow morning ( Saturday ) Brent Pearson is coming up and we are going into the local National Park so stay tuned for some photos

  1. Mark Griffin says:

    That’s a beauty Rod, so often you can wait for a sunrise or sunset on a day like that and get nothing…

  2. Ilya Genkin says:

    Great photo, Rod! I like this very unusual composition from the Forresters Beach.

  3. those rocks are amazing, you guys have it too good,

  4. truenorthmark says:

    Nice work Rod,

    I do not remember a Foresters Beach near Gwandalan…North or South??

    You have some way better skies over your way than we have hear at present…2 weeks of rain and crappy skies!!

    Nice shot it has a good feel to it.



  5. rodthomas says:

    Thanks guys….

    Christian, all you had to do was come north mate and there is so much stuff like this near where I live its not funny…. Maybe next time huh, although you may have to climb down a little hill to get to some of em but nothing like Brent took you on… Speaking of Brent, went out shooting with him last Saturday morning he is a real nice guy…. cant wait to do his course in a months time….

    Mark, Foresters is south, between The Entrance and Terrigal. When you come to Newcastle to check on that boat, Ill take you down there mate…. Oh, and I think there is a breakthrough in the PNG saga mate……

  6. hey Rod, awesome shot.
    beautiful colours, love it

  7. kirkhille says:

    Stunning Shot Rod , Love the rocks at this beach

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