Shooting with Brent Pearson

Posted: August 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Last weekend, my mate and I had the pleasure of shooting with Brent Pearson . He came up from Sydney and spent a few hours shooting a national park near where I live.


Wybung Head

Brent is a super nice guy and very knowlegable on all things photography. We talked about his recent trip to America and what is in his up coming seascape course he is running in Septemeber… which by the way, I am real excited about doing as I missed the last one.. Brent if your reading this, thanks for popping up mate, it was nice to finally meet you…..

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Nice mate..very nice!!



  2. sweet shot.
    awesome atmosphere- the water is amazing!

  3. So next time we get the CAKE team together you will be armed to the teeth with flashlights, floodlights, candlelights etc ? Ever finish our group shot “painting with light” from Cape Leveque?

  4. rodthomas says:


    There will be no candles, flashlights or whatever else you wanted mate…. just the trusty little headlamp again mate…..


    Thanks mate, nice to see you here… I have added you to my links ! !


    PNG is a step clpser mate…..
    Ill email you today

  5. Brent Pearson says:

    Hey Rod

    Lovely image. It was a pleasure shooting with you and I’m going to be heading back up your way as soon as I can… there are some great areas up there for exploration.

    Look forward to seeing you again soon


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