Im excited…..

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

because I am going on a trip with Mark Stothard and the crew of True North to PNG. It is the trip called ” Adventures in Paradise ” and judging from some of Marks old photos, I am sure it will be amazing…. We are gone for just over a week and if the trip is half as good as the things I have heard about True North, then I am in for one hell of a trip. Ill be taking the laptop, so hopefully be able to post from the boat and am also looking forward to meeting Mark… check his pics out here if you dont know who I am talking about.

  1. wayte27 says:

    Hey Rod, Ive been following your wordpress for sometime, I have actually got you as a link. The trip with Mark to PNG will be insane, I have looked into the itinerary quite extensively however getting married so the budget wont stretch that far. However I will be there 2011/2012 hopefully with fletcher doing a weeks intensive masterclass( so if your reading CF lets talk LOL)
    Anyway Rod have one hell of a trip and I look forward to your posts

  2. Rod Thomas says:


    Thanks for your comments mate…. Yeah PNG should be wicked and I am sure I will be telling anyone who wants to listen about how good it was / is……

    I would also like to do the other PNG trip they offer, but Ill see how this one goes first….

  3. truenorthmark says:

    Well done Rod and welcome aboard Mate!

    Adrian, Christian is earmarked for a PNG cruise next year and we are just finlaising the dates on that front…so start saving those pennies for the master class of all master classes!!!

    Rod, I contacted my mate in Cairns regarding chartering an R44 and he is going to come back to me. It seems like he does not do that any more himself but was going to send me a contact to talk to.

    Perhaps follow up with your brother’s connection.

    See you soon Rod, I look fwd to meeting you.



  4. truenorthmark says:

    Now posted on my blog as well Rod!



  5. Rod Thomas says:

    Is Christian doing this trip or the other one into the Louisiades ? My wife is going to hate me

  6. truenorthmark says:

    Hi Rod,

    Christian is doing PNG next year mate, so you will have your images a full year before Christian gets there!!



  7. Rod Thomas says:

    Rod 1 – Christian 0

    A win for the little guys… lol
    Cant wait to get there now mate that I am all paid up huh…… and its still 69 sleeps away…..

  8. truenorthmark says:

    Nearly 68 sleeps now mate!!

  9. Rod Thomas says:

    Dont worry mate, I will be counting

  10. Casey Smith says:

    Hey Rod, I thought you worked at Newcastle 4WD, its seems you are doing the photography thing fulltime now, good for you on getting on board with the Rod, you will have a blast buddy.

  11. Rod Thomas says:

    Hey Casey,
    When are you back mate…. hope your having a good trip. Still working there mate, photography is something I would love to be able to do full time and I am working on it….. give us a buzz when your back and well sort out the details of when your coming down and ill organise a trip to Spoon Bay for ya, I know u want to go there huh

    68 sleeps to go now

  12. Outstanding Rod ! Outstanding ! Look forward to hearing the tales and seeing the pictures!

    (I bet they don’t have crazy camel man on True North though!)

  13. truenorthmark says:

    Not crazy camel man…just barefoot True North Mark!!!

  14. rodthomas says:

    I hope not Albert, and if Barefoot Mark smells anything like that crazy camel dude, Im outta there ! !

  15. truenorthmark says:

    You forget that those camel riders don’t like water, but I am a fish and spend my whole life in the water otherwise the gills dry up!!

  16. rodthomas says:

    sweet….. I love the water as well… Grew up at the beach and love it ! ! !

    I told my wife I was going to PNG, and she said ” IF you go, me and the kids are leaving “… geez I am gonna miss em ! ! !

    Only joking, but I cant wait for the trip… When are you guys off to the Kimberley’s Mark ?

  17. truenorthmark says:

    Mate…I just picked myself up off the floor after wetting myself with laughter on that one…..:):):):):)!!!

    Very funny!

    We are off tomorrow morning mate and will be sailing off into the Kimberley sunset tomorrow at about 1700 hrs. We wake up tomorrow at Crocadile Creek, near Cockatoo Island and then off to the Horizontal Water Falls!

    We will be posting off the boat each day so stay tuned!!

  18. Rod Thomas says:

    We flew over the falls and in between em when we were there last time, but the fu&*^rs were not flowing…. I imagine it would be a pretty awesome site to see when in full flow…… Enjoy your trip, you have no idea how jealous I am….. but im going to PNG and Christian is not, so i feel beter

    Hope he doe snot give you the swine flu mate, you know how to use your camera now so stay well clear of him and his infectious little lurgy…


  19. truenorthmark says:

    Yep no cuddles for Christian for a while!!!

  20. Casey says:

    Hey Rod, I will be in NSW from around the 2 Jan 2010 for about 2 weeks. I am flying back to Darwin in a few hours as I am in Singapore Airport now. Will try and call you in the morning.

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