Fraser Beach

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Went out this morning with my mate Brett and we were also joined again by Brent Pearson. Fraser Beach is located with The national Park at Lake Munmorah. This was actually shot around the southern end of the beach looking back towards Fraser’s.


There are so many good places up here to shoot and I am sure to try and get some different stuff from the area very soon. Thanks again to Brent, who showed us first hand how he does his LIGHT PAINTING stuff and it was cool to see… I cant wait to see what he teaches us on his course in three weeks time……

  1. Tony Middleton says:

    nice image Rod – the foreshore has great detail and character – looks fantastic !
    I finally got around to updating my blogroll thingy and added yours 🙂

  2. wow, really like this one.
    love the blues in the water and sky.
    as Tony pointed out the shoreline is wonderful, really love that part of shoreline in the lower left

  3. wayte27 says:

    Rod, this is a great image. The foreshore detail and colours are nicely captured in the large boulders. Also like the water movement exposure, well done.
    Cheers Adrian

  4. rodthomas says:

    Thanks guys…

    This was a shot at first I was not sure of… It is just a single exposure cropped to the 3:1 ratio…..and from memory it was something like a 30 second exposure ! ! ! This is such a cool place to shoot, and while walking around we found some real nice places that I need to get back to.. just need to find the time ! ! !

  5. bryceworld says:

    Hey mate,
    Fraser is off the hook with places to shoot – and jump!
    Theres a 17 meter jump (at high tide, yeah we measured it with a rope, and were so cut cause we all thought we were jumping at LEAST 20 meters hehe) there which is awesome.. pretty scarey though. This is a cool shot mate – nice cloud movement!!

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