Posted: September 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was on my way to CFL this morning and stopped in at Terrigal to get a shot of The Skillion. I dont live all that far from here and have never really shot here before, so does that make me LAZY ? The conditions this morning were not great, but I think I still managed to come away with an ok shot. This part of the coast is very very nice and photogenic and will definately get some more of my attention from now on as I can only imagine how awesome this place will be given some cool light and funky clouds……


  1. mervfrench says:

    Looks like a spot alright.

    Mate whats the story behind your header image?

  2. wayte27 says:

    Hey rod get off ya A@#E and get out there. This place will fire with the right swell and light. Man I wish I had such a backyard over here in Perth. We have to drive 5 hrs before we even get a descent coastal back ground. Maybe I should come and visit.

  3. Looks like a seascape photographers playground! Looking forward to seeing some good ones!

  4. Rod Thomas says:


    Where the bloody hell are ya… come on over mate, your most welcome. Ill take you to another photographers fav spot as well, Spoon Bay… its pretty nice too……


    It is mate, I just have a normal job and three young kids and sometimes it makes it hard to get out but I will be doing as much as I can in the future


    The header image is a shot I took while on a helicopter SAFARI… thats rite, a heli SAFARI ( 25 machines in total )…I only did the second half of it, from Darwin to Broome, via El Questro and the Kimberleys. This shot was taken on a place called Troughton Island.. which technically is not even part of Australia anymore, right of the northerntip of WA… IT has a small airsttrip and a caretakers residence and that is about it… oh, and it was blowing its A*Se off so hard it want funny… from there we flew back down the coast via Mitchell Falls into Broome…. A good trip mate

  5. Tony Middleton says:

    Nice CLEAN image Rod, I know what you mean about being lazy with your own backyard…I do the same sometimes.

    I look fwd to seeing you nail this spot under prime conditions 🙂

  6. rodthomas says:

    Brace yourself Tony, I am going back tomorrow.. .Stay tuned mate…. On another note, Iam thinking of coming down to Melb sometme before Christmas, my wife has friends there… wanna catch up for a beer and a bit of a chin-wag ?

  7. Casey Smith says:

    Hey Rod, we are so going to go there when I come to Sydney, you will get to see your old Linhof again, maybe I should bring some velvia for you as well. 🙂

  8. Rod Thomas says:

    Film is dead mate… but maybe bring a roll or two for emergencies huh… Ill take you to Spoon Bay as well, its pretty cool huh ! ! !

  9. Matt Lauder says:

    Nice shot Rod… with all the back burning smoke around at the moment it might give some warmer / red light on the rocks. Not that it looks like this shot needs it.

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