Posted: October 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

This morning myself, Brent Pearson and a friends of his Colin, did Canyon X. Brent was probably one of the first to shoot this place and as of late, there have been a few more photographers getting down there. It is a little hairy climbing down the track in pitch black ( ask CF )… He loved the experience so Brent tells me ! !


This is a different take on this spot. If you look closely, you can see one the ropes needed to get down and back up. I got another shot from here that Ill post later take from out on the rock shelf. I have to say a massive THANKS to Brent for taking me down there. He is a genuinely good guy and will do anything he can to help anyone out, thanks mate ! !!

  1. Croz says:

    Great SHot Rodders, check out my blog for the latest shenanigans!


  2. Brentbat says:

    Nice shot Rod, Lovely view of the location. I’m glad you enjoyed the morning. It was fun.


  3. rodthomas says:

    I had a blast mate, thanks again ! ! Went out to Birdie Beach this morning and got some good stuff ( just posted about it on the blog ). Let us know when your coming up again mate and also the dates of the night shoot in Sydney… HOw was your Saturday night ?

  4. Tony Middleton says:

    Nice crisp shot Rod – it looks like a magic spot indeed !

  5. truenorthmark says:

    Well done Rod…one of the better shots from that scary location for sure!



  6. rodthomas says:

    It was so much fun getting down there, except for the millions of little bugs you had to walk through to get up / down ( they were in this section for about 3 mtrs only ). It is a different shot for sure, not the usual rock shelf shot, which I also got, but I liked this one coz its simple but pretty cool at the same time…. PNG WOO BLOODY HOO, I am pumped for this trip, cant wait

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