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PNG from the Air

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

When we were in PNG recently, I had the chance to get up in the chopper ( sorry Mark ) to go flying around Rabaul. Rabaul was once voted as one of the prettiest harbours in the world and you can see how that may have been the case, but not today… it is covered in ash from an active volcano. The volcano was erupting the day we were flying around and you can see the smoke bellowing out of it in the photos. To fly around this area so close to it was amazing….. After leaving this area and only about a 5 minute flight were these beautiful island, from memory called The Duke of York Islands. To go from one extreme to the other in such a short distance was amazing. Well worth the money getting up there to check it out ! ! !


Ladies Man ( rated PG )

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In between setting fashion statements ( see last post ) and shooting most of the day, we had some time to go snorkelling and some of the other guys went fishing and this shot is one of the snorkelling spots they take you too….

and the second shot says it all….. We had a great time in PNG ! ! a full trip review will come soon, I promise


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Forget Tommy P and Christian Fletcher, there is a new man in the fashion / foto scene…. Sorry guys, but you have had it all to yourselves for way to long, its about time someone else came along…..

Island Getaway

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This shot was taken at Lusancay Islands just after we pulled up anchor… not a bad place for a little rest I reckon. Just going through some stuff and I reckon this is one of my favs so far but there will be more from this location I am sure….

A few PNG snapshots

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1: Mike Fletcher at work.. He asked me to take this for him, something about if Mark could see him working, then his gig on the boat would be safe….. Your gig is safe mate after seeing the promo video you did… Your BEST effort so far

2: The Noipous village Kitchen area.. Just off to the side of this was there oven… A big rock fueled bonfire type setup that cooked all their food.. Very primitive but functional

3: A dentists worst nightmare… check out his Fangs… and not a bloody care in the world, I love PNG


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Just returned from one of the best trips to PNG with Mark, Mike and the True North crew. The True North is an absolute credit to Mark and his staff. The service is extraordinary, the locations and excursions planned are great, the food top  notch ( even for picky pricks like me ) and the locations visited are awesome. I could go on and on about this trip, but for now I wont. I had the pleasure of bunking with Mike Fletcher and it was fun times. He has been on this boat before and knew all the staff and made my trip alot of fun and to see how he works to get these videos of his done was a learning experience. I have not had much of a chance to get to my images yet, this is one I had a few minute with… a young boy from Noipous Village that was playing a wood guitar with one string on it. I cant get over how friendly the kids and everyone was… for a group of people that have nothing to be so bloody happy was mind blowing. Ill post some more images when I get a minute or two…. There are some crackers in amongst them for sure, especially some from the heli flight we did around the volcano at Rabaul. Thanks Mark for talking me into this trip, your staff and everything in general made this certainly a trip to remember

PNG….. Here we come ! !

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On Friday of this week, I am off to PNG with fellow photographer Mark Stothard and video genius Mike Fletcher aboard the super True North. I have been waiting for this trip for so long and now its here, I am really excited about it. IMG_6634 Mark  tells me there are photo opportunities at every corner and I cant wait to actually get there and see it for myself. These two photos Mark took on a previous trip a little while back. More of Marks work can be  seen at his blog by clicking the link above or here… Cya on Friday guys…. Keep checking back here and on Marks blog as we will be updating regularly from the boat