PNG….. Here we come ! !

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

On Friday of this week, I am off to PNG with fellow photographer Mark Stothard and video genius Mike Fletcher aboard the super True North. I have been waiting for this trip for so long and now its here, I am really excited about it. IMG_6634 Mark  tells me there are photo opportunities at every corner and I cant wait to actually get there and see it for myself. These two photos Mark took on a previous trip a little while back. More of Marks work can be  seen at his blog by clicking the link above or here… Cya on Friday guys…. Keep checking back here and on Marks blog as we will be updating regularly from the boat


  1. truenorthmark says:

    Well done Rod..we are on the downhill run now mate!

    Not long to go at all!


    True North Mark

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    There is no need for that Christian…..

  3. hodgy1 says:

    Have a great trip Rod, will check back to see all pics.

  4. Casey Smith says:

    Have a great trip Rod, look forward to seeing what you come back with. And I hope you learn heaps from Michael Fletcher as well in the video department.

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