A few PNG snapshots

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

1: Mike Fletcher at work.. He asked me to take this for him, something about if Mark could see him working, then his gig on the boat would be safe….. Your gig is safe mate after seeing the promo video you did… Your BEST effort so far

2: The Noipous village Kitchen area.. Just off to the side of this was there oven… A big rock fueled bonfire type setup that cooked all their food.. Very primitive but functional

3: A dentists worst nightmare… check out his Fangs… and not a bloody care in the world, I love PNG

  1. hodgy1 says:

    Good stuff Rod, that bottom one might be a snapshot but it is a beaut.

  2. truenorthmark says:

    Yes indeed the Fletcher nailed this one eh!



  3. rodthomas says:

    That he did Mark…. I cant wait to see his other footage all worked up with some of that Mike Fletcher magic

  4. Mike Fletcher says:

    Did a great job on my knee too but thats another story……..

  5. Hi Rod,

    That is an extremely rare photo. Mike working? hahaha

  6. rodthomas says:


    To his defence, he actually did a little bit on this trip. Wait till you see his video mate, it is shit hot ! ! !

  7. Great stuff Rod, I think the guy in the last frame have the same dentist as Camel Man !!!!!

  8. rodthomas says:

    Hows things in Thailand mate ? Cant wait to see some of your new shots mate all worked up on the new 17 Mac Lappy…… That guy had the craziest teeth ever, wait till you some other shots I have got of him…

    Take care mate

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