Island Getaway

Posted: November 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

This shot was taken at Lusancay Islands just after we pulled up anchor… not a bad place for a little rest I reckon. Just going through some stuff and I reckon this is one of my favs so far but there will be more from this location I am sure….

  1. Mike Fletcher says:

    I can remember you taking this shot. I was saying when the F%$# is he going to finish. I was at the very end of the Island creating miracles. Well I was trying anyway but some how the island didn’t look too deserted with you in my shot. Nice one John. Straight to the pool room I recon……

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    I have no idea why you are being rude after I saved you from the villagers Mike… I thought at one stage they were gonna put you on a table and use you as a table cloth with that shirt you were wearing but your little buddy saved ya mate….. I also remember taking this shot, thinking ” f*ck him ” lol

  3. i think this justifies you being in his way though Rod.
    stunning shot! 🙂
    too bad some tool had to leave their name on the tree- i hate that people have to do that when they go somewhere pristine! but even with that i reckon it’s pretty damn close to perfect! 🙂

  4. truenorthmark says:

    Nicely done Rodney!!

  5. Not too shabby matey, bloody nice pano. It is a nice boat and I don’t wanna offend Mark at all but I would clone True North out I am sorry to say 🙂 I just like this image to be all nature (and people carving into trees should be squashed under the weight of a thousand trees!!!!).

    Great wide angle view, 17-40mm lens?

  6. Casey Smith says:

    Micheal I know what you mean he has done the same to me, I have a shot from Karajini and in the bush behind a tree there is Rod, and he said the same to me, Na F&*K him but he didnt realize how much the place echoed. Junction Pool Rod, No seriously mate great shot mate and I am glad to see some of your images come up from a great trip I am sure..

  7. Danny Scott says:

    This is an awsome photo, Deserves to be printed and put straight up on the wall. I actually like the true north in the background, it finishes the composition of nicely.

  8. rodthomas says:

    I think it justifies me as well mate being in his shot… and I know what you mean about the people doing stoopid stuff to the tress and shit like that MORONS ! !

    Thanks mate, and thanks for dinner tonight mate, it was good to catch up again. I have got some more good ones on their way, I can visualise True North Xmas cards mate ( or something anyway, must get back on boat )

    Either crush them under the trees or force them to spend a couple of days in Camel Mans truck huh…


    Your dreamin mate….. Enough said


    Thanks for your comments mate, and I think I like the boat as well huh, it just adds a little something

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