Posted: December 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

After a massive request from fans, here is another shot of the volcano with the mountain 100% this time.. Bloody heli pilots ( Rainor, if u ever read this, I am only joking mate )

  1. Excellent shot Rod. Yep, prefer the top of the mountain. Looks like a surreal place to visit.

  2. Amazing. Now if you could tell the chopper pilot to keep the horizon straight 🙂

    It is a brilliant shot, perhaps it would work good to crop the bottom a bit.

  3. truenorthmark says:

    Hey Bo….you are a hard task master mate…you had me in stitches with that one!

    Better look Rod!

  4. Mike Fletcher says:

    Cant wait for Mark to post his aerial stuff……Ooops!!!! What aerial stuff 🙂

    Shit my vid didn’t look this good. Have you been Photoshopping again?

    • Rod Thomas says:

      Thanks Dave, it was indeed a pretty special place and one that I reckon everyone if they get a chance should go and witness for themselves…it should be number one on the BUCKET LIST, or in the top 10 anyway

  5. Danny Scott says:

    Thats better Rod, now the pic looks complete. Id be very happy with a shot like that.

  6. nah I liked it better the old way, can you change it back??? Just kidding it is a winner even with a on the piss horizon. Yes thats right it is back to the drawing board!!

  7. Rod Thomas says:

    geez ur a hard man to please Christian…… It took me minutes to get it like this and now you want me to change it back… I see what you and Albert mean with the horizon, will fix it when it needs to be printed, or sent to ASP ( if I am worthy )

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