PNG Trip Review

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

By now I am sure everyone knows that myself, Mark and Mike Fletcher recently spend on of the best weeks of our lives ( well mine anyway ) onboard the True North in Papua New Guinea. That week I would say was one of the best weeks travel wise I have ever had, and I have had a few. The people, the culture, the scenery, the boat, the staff on the boat, my roomy ( he was some video hack from WA, but done an ok job with what was given to him ) and not to mention the food, cold beer and the all round good vibes that this boat generates, was what made it so freaking awesome.  I would do another trip tomorrow if I could.

It is an absolute credit to Mark and his business partner Craig how smoothly they have this boat running, not a hitch at all. An experience on True North is by no means cheap, but I am a big believer in you get what you pay for, and in this respect, True North in no way lets you down. It was an experience I will remember forever an one I hope to relive someday.

A big thanks must go to Mark for helping me get on this boat and making me feel so welcome, but I am sure it is the same with all guests and to Mike, well for being just Mike ( including all the girlie whinging and bitching that is part of his package ) LOL.

If anyone is thinking of getting on this boat, DO IT, DO IT NOW… you will not be disappointed with your decision ! !

For anyone that is interested, you can view more of my images from the trip here

PNG, over and OUT ! ! !

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Hey Rodney,

    Thanks for the great wrap mate!

    It was good to finally meet you and we did indeed tick all the boxes on that trip eh!

    I very much enjoyed your company and the 3 of us made a great team eh!

    Looking fwd to welcoming you on board again sometime and I will be sure to fwd these comments to the boat and Craigo etc.


    True North Mark

  2. Wish I could have been there as well mate, sounds well and truly awesome – next time !!!

    You did well out there, really good gallery you have created. How did your new gear work out, flash, 17-40mm etc ?

  3. Rod Thomas says:


    The flash seen very little use mate, hardly used it, would have been better off spending the money on something else… OH WELL, shit happens huh. 17-40 was good, but as you said, gets a bit weird @ 17mm, but all is good. The gallery turned out quite ok huh, there is still a few to go in ti, but I might just leave it for a bit, at the moment I am all PNG’d out if you know what I mean. Are we still gonna try and do outback NSW… If you can give me some rough dates when you think you might be here, Ill try and tee it up. Send me an email mate and we can chat about it more, or let me know the time differnece and Ill try and catch you on Skype

    Rodney out

  4. truenorthmark says:

    Great new header mate!!!

  5. rodthomas says:

    DO I Need to change it back now Mark, just for you mate… Merry Christmas

  6. PhotoVigor says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  7. Casey Smith says:

    Hi Rod I have added a website that you maybe interested in I was told about from Steve Huddy who is a Canon rep in South Australia, its all about the 5D Mark II and what has been produced from the HD video. So now that you have Final Cut Pro you are to be sure to putting out some videos soon.

  8. Mike Fletcher says:


  9. Rod Thomas says:

    You know it mate…. lets jsut say, I have had a greast teacher in the art of HACK ! !

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