My first video

Posted: January 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

After hanging out with the legendary Mike Fletcher recently in PNG, I thought I would learn how to use my 5DMKII to shoot a little video… This is the resulting piece…. BE WARNED   I am no MIke Fletcher , I am a hack……

Let me know what you guys think, good or bad

  1. Looks really cool mate, you did well! Good shots, in focus and not lots of distracting panning etc. Looks good!
    Btw will shoot you an email soon about catching up, might be there early Feb !

  2. mattlauder says:

    Nice job Rod. I think your a bit harsh on yourself saying your a hack. very clear and sharp work… what did you put the video together with.

  3. hodgy1 says:

    Just noticed the video, missed it last time around. Nothing wrong with this effort Rod, looks very professional to me. Those Mk 2 ‘s certainly take nice clear footage.

  4. Mike Fletcher says:

    Hack!!!! No Total Hack!!!!!

  5. caseysmith says:

    Nice work Rod for your first time video with a new program, but I bet being there was better.

  6. MikeFletcher'sFanboy says:

    HACK!!!! Double hack!!!!

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