Posted: January 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

We had a pretty cool sunset tonight where I live and I managed to catch a few shots before it went away.. I am trying to get out more and shoot some new stuff, got some good stuff from a little road trip the other day so Ill try and post it soon

  1. casey smith says:

    Nice Rod, always the way as soon as you leave you see a shot with nice colors. Oh well. Nice work buddy.

  2. Mike Fletcher says:


  3. Look forward to seeing your neighbourhood mate! Looks great, nice colours. Perhaps a stitch error or two on the horizon? Or maybe it is just optical illusions 🙂

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    Optical Illusion Albert… 5D would never ever do that huh ! ! !
    cya soon man

  5. truenorthmark says:

    Great colours in this shot Rodney!

    Like the new look of the blog too mate!

  6. truenorthmark says:

    Great to see that Mike is a consistent supporter!

    He’s gotta find a new word other than ‘Hack’!!

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