Posted: January 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Spotted this little section of forest on a recent mini road trip I took somewhere north of Newcastle. We pulled up on the side of a dirt road and just took a small hike up the hill and over some trees to this… it was awesome up there !!

  1. casey smith says:

    Nice Rod, Cant wait to get my trannies back now that I see how green the floor is. Best stop of the day no doubt.

  2. mervfrench says:

    Hi Rod

    Well after Oz Day I can see why you raved about True North it’s a beast no doubt about it.

    No doubt you would have seen most of the comments about the day which went off very well.

    There’s a couple of shots on my blog that may bring back a few memories, but they do have my spin on them about the day !!!



    • rodthomas says:

      Its not hard to rave about something like that is it mate.. You need to take one of the trips mate to really understand how special this freaking boat is….. It will blow Rottnest Island away and then some…. DO IT, DO IT NOW ! ! !

  3. truenorthmark says:

    Hey Rodney…you are really starting to hit your straps now mate…really nice and clean fern shot mate!

    • rodthomas says:

      Cheers Mark……
      We got some pretty cool stuff on this trip huh… ti was rainy and overcast and the 5DII handled it with ease… who needs a 1DSIII hehehe
      When are you heading back to this side of the country ?

  4. Tim Bolger says:

    Hey Rod, Great shot. What lens did you use for this one? any filters?


    • Rod Thomas says:

      17-40 mate and might have used a ND Grad, thats about it huh ! !
      It was a pretty cool spot but would not be as nice if the weather was not like it was, know what I mean ?

      Thanks for stopping by mate

  5. muzz says:

    Love the contrasting vividness of the undergrowth and the muted tones overhead. Hey what was the deal with the photocomp – I went back and had another look and there were some seriously off photos on the leaderboard.

    • rodthomas says:

      Thanks for stopping bye mate….. As for the comp, it is based purely on numbers, the one with the most votes ( aka friends ) wins…. Please tell me it wasnt my fotos that were off mate…. But there is some serious SHIT on there huh

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