Posted: February 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have been going through some old images of late, and have found a few good shots ( well I think they are ok anyway ) and this one os from a trip last year to Tasmania. I had never been there until this trip, but bugger me, its a real nice place. The Gardens is an area located within The Bay of Fires District, just out of St Helens on the east coast…. That whole coastline, north of St Helens is amazing and one place Id love to get back to one day ! !

  1. Hi Rob,

    This is easily hands down one of the best photos I’ve seen to date.

    Jamie Paterson

    • rodthomas says:

      Thanks alot mate…… thats a fairly big call mate, so thank you ! !
      I got a few more from this trip mate which I will post when I get a minute, I have been finding some good stuff while looking back at stuff I may have overlooked…. I guess it pays not to delete stuff rite away huh.

  2. truenorthmark says:

    Also very nice Rodney…interesting colours and they look almost contrived at first glance but then they look right after that!

  3. Alex says:

    Stunning part of the world isn’t it? 🙂 Great shot Rod.

    • rodthomas says:

      Thanks for stopping by…it sure is, I cant wait to get back down there, maybe later this year after my New Zealand trip….. I have added you to my blog mate so I can keep coming back to check out your stuff

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