Posted: February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Another shot from The Gardens area in The Bay of Fires…. I have a few more that I took from here so I may post em later on…. If you ever get the chance to go there, take it… its well worth it

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Another great shot Rodney!

    Who says you’re a hack!

    I will be in Tassy next month so will be sure to take some inspiration from this image.



  2. MatthewSaul says:

    Great shot! Love the colours in the rocks and water!
    Tassie looks awesome!

  3. MatthewSaul says:

    Woops meant to write that on your other tassie one below. This ones awesome too though aha.

  4. Christian says:

    I’ll be there in December

    • rodthomas says:

      You will love it mate….. we did approx 1700 klms in the four days we were there and found some real nice spots…. I need to get off my ass and submit to yoru stock site….. Check out my site mate and in the tassy spot youll see soem nice bach stuff…. had to walk 30 minutes to get in there but was well worth it huh, and not another person in site….. If you fly me down, Ill take you there… hehe

  5. Dan says:

    wow, is everybody in (or going) to Tassy?!!! Thats a brilliant shot, love the syk & grasses popping up from the bottom. sweet.

    • rodthomas says:

      Im not there, but might go again later. this is a shot I took last easter on a little trip I took down there.. I was only there for four days and will get back there, its a pretty nice part of the world I reckon ! ! !


  6. Ian Smith says:

    Very impressive, thanks for the inspiration

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