Posted: February 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I just posted another video ( my second effort ever ) on vimeo after my mentor told me to get off my ass…. I have not even played with the video side of things for along time so it was fun trying to remember what everything did / does…. Its pretty rough and I still need LOADS more practice, but let me know what you guys think anyway.. It is only a minute or so long, so it wont take up all your time…..


  1. casey smith says:

    Hey Rod, cool video, I particularly like the part where you hit the water at 120k’s. And some nice cut aways as well, Lets wait and see the verdict from your mentor.

  2. Hi Rod,
    great viedo. I would only suggest make a faster montage with shorter cuts to make it more correlate with the music.
    What camera did you use for this?

    • rodthomas says:

      Thanks for your comments…. I used the 5dMKII mate, and love it…..
      U should upgrade ( just reading your blog ). I laso went from NIkon to canon and have not looked back

  3. Luke Austin says:

    Well done on this one Rod. Although I am bloody thirsty now after watching all that flowing water.

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