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Here are some interior shots of Amokura….. I cant wait to get out on this boat again ! ! It is 57ft of pure awesomeness !  ( im not sure if that is even a word )



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This is Amokura, Lake Macquarie’s champion fishing boat from the recent Port Stephens Interclub tournament held off Nelson Bay recently. Amokura beat some 200 odd boats to win this prestigious event and congratulations go to the boats owners and crew. It will soon be available for charter if anyone is interested. Its a great day out, trust me ! ! !


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This is a shot taken from the top of Haleakala Volcano, Maui.

I was there in 2008 and would love to go back when I get a chance, so many places to see and not enough brownie points in the bank ‘eh.


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Here is a shot of Tin City… these Tin huts are weekenders for the people that own / occupy them and have been here for ages. To come over the dunes and see this little city, if thats what you call it, is pretty amazing. These guys have power, FOXTEL and im guessing a good fridge with cold beer… what more could a man need ? I have been here a few times now and am still yet to nail this shot, but Ill go back and day ill get it ! !


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Went out late yesterday afternoon with a mate of mine up to Stockton to try and get some photos of a place called Tin City ( they are coming ) . This is a shot I snapped on the way there. It is such a cool place up there and really does resemble something out of Mad Max : Beyond Thunderdome


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Last year we ( Casey, Albrt & myself ) did a mini road trip from Cape Leveque back down to karijini. We were planning on going down to Port Hedland and then into Karijini but a friend of Alberts told us to go via Marble Bar along The Boreline Rd. The Boreline Rd is approx 160 klms of red dirt and along the way we saw Camel man ( see older post ) and a heap of really nice landscape stuff…. this is a shot of Casey and Albert near our trusty vehicle ! ! !