You know What……..

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

shits me….. its unapologetic, ignorant, arrogant people that purposely walk in front of you when shooting stuff… they can  see what your doing, but choose not to give a stuff… and to make it worse, this was another photographer ( well ok, she was a woman with a camera and using a monopod during long exposures ).. she says, Hi, and then proceeds to walk rite in front of me and just stand there… Lady, whoever you are, if you read this….. PISS OFF OUT OF THE WAY

Rant finished ! !

  1. MatthewSaul says:

    haha nice! cs5 content aware fill will we be good in situations like this i think!

  2. haha, i agree! unbelievable that it was another “photographer” as you said. of all people they should know what it’s like!

    usually happens when you’re at water line, and they run past flicking sand and water up everywhere too hey 😛

  3. Photo wreckers!!!! With ya there Rod, remember the woman at Cape Leveque as well? 3 of us with tripods and she sits right in front of us!!

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    She was a right pig ! ! !
    Hope ur enjoying USA mate… wahoo

  5. Tim Bolger says:

    I think I know this Lady, she has a Sunrise website.

  6. thomasparkes says:

    I had some lady doing abstract rock photos the other day, right in front of me, quite deliberate. Lightroom got rid of her pretty quickly.

  7. truenorthmark says:

    Ahhh for the clone stamp! Shame we can’t use it in real life sometimes eh!

  8. haha workplace hazard… a couple weeks ago i was set up in the dark no one around at Byron lighthouse and had fired off a few frames when this photographer woman jumps the fence and sets her tripod up right in front of me. okay have some courtesy i felt like nudging her off the cliff. Definitely my pet hate

  9. rodthomas says:

    I hear ya Darren….. if I see another photographer set up before me, ill go in the opposite direction, even if I want that shot… its just courtesy I reckon….

  10. G’day Rod, remember when we went to wybung head with that gaggle of other photographers? Well just as I mounted my camera on the tripod and began screwing in filters, one of those guys walked 10 meters in front of me & setup there!!!
    It never seems to matter if they are photographers or not, rude is just rude.

  11. Mike Fletcher says:

    F@#k Me…… Mate if I had a dollar for every shot I have of PNG with a dumb white guy in it with his hat on back to front i’d be a rich man.

    It seems to me that you stills hacks dont consider professional video guys like me as being another photographer and giving me the respect I deserve.

    Next time I am shooting GOLD, GOLD I say!!!!! get out of my way.

    If you want proof I will sell it too you….

    You know you did it just admit it…………hehehehehehehehehehehe……….

  12. rodthomas says:

    Maybe I did it on purpose Mike….. video shmideo… hang on what am I saying, I like video as well now….. I am sorry Michael, will never ever happen again… 1000 apologies… PLUS, you are rich, well you must be with all those galleries and land Rovers….

  13. Mike Fletcher says:

    I was rich until my Disco went out of warranty…

    Good to see you coming over to the dark side. Video is your calling mate.

    Search your feelings. You know its true..

    Now next time get the F#$k out of my way….


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