Posted: May 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

As you all know, I had the pleasure of going on some tinny in PNG last year called True North. I may have raved on about this boat, but by now most of you ( well a few anyway ) have experienced it for yourselves on Aust day, now imagine that for 8 days and its freaking awesome…… Here is another shot of one of the kids from the village we went to.

I am also in the very early stages of planning my new website which is going to feature a little something that I bet none of you have seen in any other photographers site anywhere.. STAY TUNED for more details ! ! !

  1. Great portrait, he’s got character, looks so cool! Did you use your flash for fill light? Seems the eyes could do with a touch of light.

    As for that feature on your new website Rod, should we be scared or excited?

  2. rodthomas says:


    NO flash mate… and as for this thing on my new site, IM excited, so everyone else should be ! ! !

    Hows ur travels mate


  3. Hey Rod,

    Great photo of a great character.


  4. truenorthmark says:

    Thanks for the plug Rodney!

    Sweet image as well mate!

  5. Luke Austin says:

    Great image Rod.
    Looking forward to the website… hmmm what could this secret be?

  6. rodthomas says:


    Its not so much a secret, never been seen before thing… its the way im going to deliver it mate.

    Classy yet elegant

    stay tuned


  7. Mike Fletcher says:

    Don’t bother mate I have seen it first hand. You in your underpants walking around a multi million dollar classy vessel is nothing new.

    And you had the audacity to say they were Rugby shorts.

    Yeh right…….

    All that was missing was tweety bird……


  8. rodthomas says:

    This hostility towards me must stop… Just coz our shorts are loose fitting and the ones you homos look like they are painted on is not really my fault.

    Hows things anyway HACK ?

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