Ray Charles

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Does anyone else think this looks like Ray Charles’s love child ? Another shot taken from some island, somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, PNG ! ! !

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Sweet shot Rodney…that was at Noipus Island if I remember correctly!

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    Nope, that was when Mr Hack, myself and you went off in the little boat and stopped at that tiny island before we got in the chopper…..

    Noipous was with Michelle, and these were not there, you stopped on the way back and got photos of kids jumping off the old jetty or what ever it was when we were flying

  3. truenorthmark says:

    Yep I remember now at Luscernque Island eh!

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    Yeah, not far from there…..
    How was Victoria mate… looked like some awesome colours there mate, must get down there one day

  5. haha nice good tones in this shot…

  6. PNG ? Might have heard of that 😀 Oh bugger I wish I’d been there!

    Wicked shot my friend! Hey when Chief Case moves to Brissy we should get together and tour the Queensland outback!

  7. rodthomas says:

    Im in…… Hows things in the USA treating you Albert, well I hope ! !

  8. truenorthmark says:

    Victoria was fun mate..I am sure you would like it!!

  9. Mike Fletcher says:

    Boys, boys, boys…….. It was in the Duke of York Islands just south of Rabaul.

    I’m a bit worried about all these photo’s of young boys Rod?????????


  10. rodthomas says:

    Well, I had a couple of other guys taking all the landscapes mate, what was I meant to do ?

  11. Mike Fletcher says:

    Wont stand up in court mate…..

    Hack 🙂

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