Dave & Tash

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Dave & Tash… After all he crap weather we had been having, I was a bit worried about the location, but as it turned out, you could not have asked for a better day. Wedding are not something I usually do, but I had fun yesterday with  a great bunch of people…… Ill post some more images when I get em ! ! The second shot would make a good ad for Tooheys New I reckon.

  1. Judy and Paul says:

    Thanks for taking some wonderful photo`s of David and Tash. We have only seen what you took on the boat but we know from those few that they will have some wonderful memories.Thank you and Steve for a memoriable day.
    Regards Paul and Judy Richens.

  2. rodthomas says:

    Judy & Paul,

    Im glad we could help out. Weddings are not something I usually do, but I gotta say I had fun on Friday…
    They have the disc now with images on it, so I hope they are happy….


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