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Lake Macquarie

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Lake Macquarie

Snapped this on the way home from work, what do you guys think ?


The Sygna

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The Sygna Wreck, Stockton Beach

The Sygna was washed up on Stockton beach a gazillion years ago….. not sure exactly when but it was a while back and its slowly but surely rusting away. I used to go surfing here a bit but after flying over in a chopper and seeing a few sharks that seemed to be living rite near the boat, no more surfing here for me ! !

Forest Falls

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A little while back I had a great idea of going trekking with my dad on New Years Day… in hindsight it was one of the most idiotic things I think I have ever done…. we drove for hours, lost, trying to find something else ( not this pic ) and was violently ill ( something I hate the night before I reckon ). It took us approx 30 minutes to get down here and prob twice as long, if not longer to get back up… I thought my dad was gonna pass out. At the end of the day, it was well worth it, but I dont recommend doing it after a big night….

Forest Falls

Catherine HIll Bay

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Catherine Hill Bay

Living so close to this location, it’s not hard for me to keep going back here time and time again. I have so many good photos from here and also some pretty crap ones as well… This is one of the latest from this location, would love to know what you guys think. I have some other crackers from here, but im gonna hold onto em until the new site is done… STAY TUNED ! ! !

Norah Head

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Norah Head, Central Coast, NSW

I ventured out this morning with a mate of mine Danny to Norah Head and this is what I came up with… Danny said it was alot better this morning than yesterday, so I am glad I slept in….. Sing it with me Danny ! !! !  !

Pole Position

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Pole Position, King George Falls, The Kimberley's

Another chopper shot from King George Falls in The Kimberleys

Heli Fishing, Kimberley's Style

We just pulled up here for a spot of fishing, the water is right behind me and u can see our little tackle box at the front of one of the choppers to come with us…. and this is our garage for two nights, or OUTBACK CARPARK

Outback Carpark