Chopper Action

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I took these shots last year on a heli safari I was part of that left from Darwin and went to Broome, via some of the most KICK ASS country side you will eva eva lay your eyes on. We flew down to El Questro for 2 nights, up to Truscott, via King George Falls, The Berkely River and on to Troughton Island… Torughton Island is approx 15 minutes flying from the northern tip of WA and there aint much out there. We camped out there and headed back down to Broome via Mitchell Falls and Cape Leveque… it was out of this world…….

Mitchell Falls, The Kimberley Region, Western Australia

  1. The chopper at Mitchell looks awesome. I reckon the CAKE crew needs to add a chopper to our gear!

    • Me says:

      For a fee, im sure we can get it… the big Red one is my brothers mate, but he is out of action for a while with a broken leg, so it gives us time to save up…….

  2. Sorry about the broken leg, but then isn’t that the perfect opportunity for us to borrow the

    It’s nice to be “home” (Sister’s living room hehe), quite nice to have a base again and Summer is nice here. Have started work on raw files and web site, feel the need to take off again later this year. We should catch up on Skype soon, I’m online.

    • rodthomas says:

      Yeah we could borrow, but unless you not telling me something mate, im gonna assume your not real flash on flying one of these things and that kind of presents just a small problem….. I would not even know how to start the bloody thing, let alone fly hte f*cker ! ! !

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