Norah Head

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Norah Head, Central Coast, NSW

I ventured out this morning with a mate of mine Danny to Norah Head and this is what I came up with… Danny said it was alot better this morning than yesterday, so I am glad I slept in….. Sing it with me Danny ! !! !  !

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Yep that works Rodney!

  2. Looking good mate ! Like the pastel tones and nice composition, nice one

  3. Wow Rod great spot and a great shot.


  4. Rod Thomas says:


    Thanks mate… its not to shabby huh… got a vertical one which I think is better though..


    As usual mate, words of wisdom all the way from… where are you again now ? U owe me a trip to Sydney mate as well, dont forget ! !


    Cmon over mate, id be more than happy to show ya aorund huh… see you soon ! !

  5. Hey Rod,

    I’m starting to plan a few days over there in early to mid September. I’m going to hit Sydney on my way home from Tassie. I’ll be in touch soon. 🙂 Great new theme for the site as well.


  6. Rod Thomas says:

    Are you going to tassie with that hack M.Fletcher ?

  7. Rod Thomas says:

    Is he coming to Sydney with you as well… Would be great to catch up mate… talk to you soon

  8. Great shot, Rod. The soft colours are nice, and the textures are delicious. I also like the new blog layout. Very different!

  9. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot mate ,
    After seening Ken Duncans shot of this place I have always wanted to photograph it , mabye some time this year will be able to make a quick trip to syndey

  10. Me says:

    If you come to Sydney mate, give us a buzz….. I can show ya round, I am 90 minutes north of sydney and about 15 minutes from here…… There is a bed to crash on as well mate if you need it ! !

  11. Luke Austin says:

    Spot on Rod. Great location

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