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on the east coast of Australia is this is little beach and im loving it ! ! !

  1. caseysmith says:

    Great shot Rod, keep that location a secret mate, look at the sand, untouched.

  2. nice Rod, amazing colours and as Casey said great sand, fantastic detail!
    look out for those tankers on the horizon though cos they may give away your secret spot!
    must be near a port of some sort 😉

  3. Pristine mate, gold gold gold!

  4. Adrian Wayte says:

    Hey Rod, Im lovin it too, cheers for sharing.
    Awesome colours stunning

  5. True North Mark says:

    Nice little somewhere there Rodney! Somewhere where there are a lot of ships offshore by the look!:)

    • Rod says:

      That nice little somewhere could be anywhere on the East coast from Sydney to Newcastle mate…… still not telling.. but if you ever get back over here, ill blindfold you and take u there if you wish… TN over New Years here I come mate, get ready for Rodney does TN – II

  6. Fletch Aka Hackman says:

    Noice shot Roddy ya Hack

    Wouldn’t see that from a Phase One. Thought I’d share some inside info with you….

    When you sent your disc over with images for the stock library a few months ago, Joy our IT girl asked Christian if he wanted to approve what shots of yours went on the site and his reply was “nope Rods images are always really clean and not necessary to check” True as I stand here before you mate. A real compliment from the man “Master Hack” Not that you need it ….

    BTW I’m off on TN with my wife for the last leg of the Kimberley for this season. Backing that up with the Rowleys the day after I get off……

    Why don’t you grab the Missus and join us. It’s only one Range Rover sport sale for you mate…….:)

    ps like the look of the site mate. May even steal it for myself. Is it a standard wordpress one???

    • Rod says:

      Welcome HACK, ( H1 )
      Its lovely to have you mate and thanks for the inside info. As fo rthe TN gig, Im in NZ not long beofer that and off to The Whitsundays in three weeks for five days, so its out fo rme… plus im gonna win this comptetition that MASter HACK is running, so ill get back on there for nothing ! !

      This is a standard wordpress blog theme called GREYZED by The Forge Web Creations… id be honoured mate to share it with ya, and about time you got a flog ( I meant blog mate ) as well……


  7. MatthewSaul says:

    Loving this shot Rod! this somewhere sure looks like a nice beach!

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