Papua New Guinea

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I know I have posted alot of shots from my trip last year from PNG, but this one here is more of a teaser for Alberto and Christian who are headed there on the Chinese Junk True North ( ya know im kidding Markie ).. they would never make stuff that good in China… In all seriousness, it is one kick ass boat and a trip of a lifetime…. im sure the three amigos will have a blast …

PNG Adventure - True North Style

  1. Great shot Rodney!!!

    Excellent colours and composition…wonder where you got that shot from mate!!!

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    I climbed up a big tree…. hehe.. If your talking to CF, let him know I put this up just to wet his appetite can ya

  3. True North Mark says:

    weeeze amigos will indeed have some fun over there Cisco!

  4. True North Mark says:

    And yep will let CF know mate!

  5. Wow, cheers mate!! That is awesome, way better than any reef shot I ever got off a helicopter the two times I tried it in Cairns.

    Three Amigos will have a fantastic adventure I am sure!

  6. Fletch says:

    stop it mate, your teasing!! I think this trip is going to be one to remember. I want a pic of Albert next to a PNG local. Only the Phase would be able to deal with that much contrast!

    • Will be one amazing adventure to remember! Look forward to a Phase One Fletch portrait of me and a PNG local, and yes will take all 16 bits of medium format dynamic range to capture this!

  7. Rod says:

    Check this out….. Im sending ya a link and I want a pic of Albert with these ladies mate… cya if your PAHSE can handle that…


  8. thomasparkes says:

    Great shot Rod.
    Looks like paradise.

    • rodthomas says:

      It was pretty nice mate.. and to think that only 2-3 minutes flying time from this was horrible devastation due to the volcano continually erupting

  9. Fletch Aka Hackman says:

    Once again hogging the front seat . Where was I. Thats right in the back with the cattle!!!!!


  10. Rod Thomas says:

    Where you deserved to be Mike… only the cool people fly up front, and on this occasion mate, you just were not cutting the mustard mate


    im off to Hamilton Island to do some video maybe of my brothers boat, say tuned ! !

  11. stevensaul says:

    Amazing…take me back! I was over in Kavieng in March this year. Such a beautiful place! is this close?

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