Whitsundays – AMOKURA Style

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have just returned from a few days in The Whitsundays on board the boat AMOKURA. I was up there shooting some video and photos for an upcoming website we are launching for the boat and this is the first image I have looked at…..

AMOKURA - Langford Reef, Whitsundays

I know, a tough gig, but someone has to do it… and this time its not a Fletcher… they seem to get al the good gigs ! ! Shot with the 5DMKII in my new AQUATECH housing which I am loving rite now. This is the first of a few images I will post but the others will have to wait until I get some more time…. Let me know what you guys think

  1. Sweet colours mate, good idea getting so close to the water – would love an underwater housing for PNG!

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    I got one mate…. Ill rent it to you, Thats how I got this shot. I only have the port though to suit 17-40L but you have that anyway dont ya ?

  3. Yes I have the 17-40, use it all the time. Would be sweet to have an underwater house for PNG.

  4. Mate,

    What I would do to be there now. Fantastic shot Rod. I just love the inviting feel of the water.


  5. Geez, with Jamie on this one! Wow this image is clear and sharp.

  6. wayte27 says:

    Hey Rod, Great marketing perspective. The image says it all.
    Cracker shot !
    cheers Adrian

  7. True North Mark says:

    Looks like you were doin it tough mate!

  8. Rod Thomas says:

    I was mate….. I still feel for you mate, and how tough your doing it though mate…. hehe

  9. Christian says:

    very nice indeed, I bet your videos are going to flatten Michael!

  10. Rod Thomas says:

    Not quite Christian… I am still a long way of reaching master hack status… im just an apprentice hack at this stage mate

  11. Fletch Aka Hackman says:

    Mate if I publicly say the True North is over rated can I come on this boat. OK I cant lie but can I come along anyway.

    Come on mate I let you share my cabin on TN. Still needs the blondes on the back though. Mum and Dad are just not doing it for me. Maybe you in your undies.

    Got any secrets you want reveal about a certain trip to Sydney the other day?????


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