Field of Dreams

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Its been a bit quiet on the blog front I know, but I took this shot on a recent one day road trip approx 3.5 hours from where I live……. The colour of the canola crops you could see from miles away, it was amazing. Let me know what you guys think ok.

Field of Dreams, NSW

  1. I love the colours, clouds and canola crops. I can’t say I am entirely onboard with the horizon in the middle and the stolen image title!

  2. Fletch Aka Hackman says:

    It would look better with a couple of blondes in it……

    So what did happen in Sydney!!!!!


  3. True North Mark says:

    The colours are awesome there big buddy!

  4. Rod says:


    Horizon is in the middle coz I get nice clouds and fluffly pretty flowers….. in your infinite wisdom, which one should I have missed out on, and as for the title….. 🙂


    Nothing happened in Sydney, what are you talking about ?


    Thank you kind sir.. I hope to get some more of this kind of stuff soon, just so I can steal Alberts Titles again the next one wil be called ” Escape in Landscape ” lol

    Thanks guys

  5. MatthewSaul says:

    Love it! you know about what time of the year they harvest these canola crops? i need to get out and shoot some before that happens haha

  6. stevensaul says:

    Great shot Rod…colours are awesome! got pretty lucky with the clouds as well..perfect fit with the scene!

  7. wayte27 says:

    Mate this image is popping off my screen. The bold simple colours are awesome. Detail is also there in the foreground canola. Cracker image !! Cheers Adrian

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