Mick Hruby

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Mick is another photographer from The Central Coast that travelled with me to NZ recently. I was lucky enough to get him to stand still for 53 seconds while taking this shot ! ! The walk in here took us about 1hr 20 minutes, but its well worth the effort if your ever over there but be careful of the weather, it clouded up in there within about 20 minutes of taking this photo.

Mick Hruby, Hooker Valley, New Zealand

  1. True North Mark says:

    Fantastic shot Rodney…love it!

  2. Incredible. The ice and the snow has a fairytale yet dramatic look. Looks cold hehe but what an amazing location.

  3. Lovely work! I drove to Hooker Valley campground to photograph Mt Cook but it was coming on to evening so I didn’t do the walk. Now you make me wish I had.

  4. Rod Thomas says:

    It really was worth it. If I ever go back, Ill be doing the walk alter in the afternoon hoping to get a sunset there,it would be amazing.

    Mark & Albert,
    Thanks for the comments guys. PNG not far away huh. Mark, I have one request though, the little name tags you give everyone on board, Albert’s has to to say Albert, and not his alias Flemming ! !

  5. Was there EFTPO up there?

  6. Rod Thomas says:

    eftpo everywhere mate…….
    How u been anyway Jamie, well I hope mate ?

  7. Mate I’ve been fantastic. I think I’ve finally recovered from our night out!

  8. Luke Austin says:

    Absolutely stunning Rod. Your friend did a great job of holding still. All the blue and grey tones work great together. I must get there!

  9. love it man!
    great work by your model too.

    hope you also got a shot without him too, what a location it is.
    love the composition, and the colours are amazing!

    • rodthomas says:

      I look at this shot and think yeah its great, Mick was cool to be able to stand still that long, but then from memory, we packed up and left. I might have taken a shot before he was there, ill see if I can find it. I got so many good shots from the trip, im not to worried if I dont though huh

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