Lake Matheson

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson is located on The West Coast of New Zealand, just near the small town of Fox Glacier. It is probably one of the most photographed lakes in all of New Zealand, with good bloody reason. One of the most beautiful serene places we visited in New Zealand…. We also bumped into another photographer, from Germany, who had trouble with his treepod here.

  1. mervfrench says:

    You’re banging up some rippers Rod, I might have to use some points up and get back over there !!!!

    Good stuff mate , keep them coming.

  2. Rod says:

    I got some points too Merv, about 6 trips worth.. .Id love to go back huh, im planning something for maybe next year.

    Thanks for the comments

  3. wayte27 says:

    Rod all your NZ posts are frikken awesome. When is the book coming out honestly love every one.
    Are they from the Nrth Is. My brother has just purchased a house in the Nrth Is so I am going to have to get my self over there. What time of year did you go.
    Cheers Adrian Love the images mate

  4. rodthomas says:


    All from the south island mate. We did nearly 3800 klms in just under two weeks, it was amazing huh. The North Island I believe is nice, but the South Island a little more scenic, if that makes sense.

    Thanks for the comments mate

  5. mervfrench says:

    Have to agree with that Rod , South Island has the pick of the scenery or the easiest to find if that makes sense , you have to try a little harder in the North Island.

    Rod , did you make it down to the Catlins ?

    3800 km’s gets you around the Island at least twice. 🙂

  6. True North Mark says:

    I agree that you are on fire son!

    With this image I would like to see a little more detail in the dark area and then it will come alive I reckon! If it was printed the way it is that area would probably end up all black…which is a shame as I am sure there is some cool stuff hidden in there!

  7. rodthomas says:


    If there is some cool stuff in there, we never saw it. The direction of the sun made it almost impossible to get any detail out of that area….

    We saw shots where there were lots of detail, but after askign around, we found out they were taken in a differnet time of the year when the direction of hte light was also different.. Ill jsut have to go back huh

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