Fstop Camera backpacks – Now available in Australia ! !

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Anyone who is a photographer ( and I know there are lots out there ) there is a new camera bag that has just hit the Australian market… Fstop ! !

They are the coolest bags I have ever used and are sure to be a hit here. They double as a camera / hiking backpack and have some other awesome features as well… The best bit is they are Airline carry on compatible and  come with a removable, optional ICU ( Internal Camera Unit ) in various sizes.

Click on the link here to check them out and if you want to know more just email nicole@rodthomas.com for pricing.


I only have a few left in stock but we are taking orders for delivery before Christmas… SO BE QUICK

The Tilopa Backpack

  1. Lovely to speak to you again mate, just checking out what it is you’re pushing 🙂 They do look like they’re a perfectly solution for the nomad me. Will see how Christian goes with his (he’s probably forgotten it, that and his tripod!). Speaking of tripod, is there a tripod mount/holder on the backpack as I need that. Call you after PNG!

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    Albert, depending on which bag you get you can either mount your tripod on the side or the rear mate, its all there. Has everything except the kitchen sink ! ! The Tilopa has a laptop pouch and slightly different pockets, but all bags have capacity to take a hydration sleeve as well as just about anything you want / need to carry for a shoot

    Talk to you after PNG mate


  3. Adam Monk says:

    Hi Rod, i like the look of this camera bag. finally a proper backpack with a proper harness for camera gear. Do you have any of the Satori bags left? Pref in the drab green colours, and how much do they come to in Aussie $ ?


    • Rod Thomas says:


      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. The Satori is currnetly out of production, not available again until early next year. I have the next bag down, Tilopa, which Christian is using and he loves it, available in Drab Green mate. They retail for $350 including one ICU of your choice.

      Send me a message if I can help you out with anything else


  4. Christian says:

    yep my bag is awesome. I have been al over Tassie with it now and it has been perfect. I do love this bag.

  5. Deb says:

    Hi Rod

    I read about the Tilopa bag on Christian Fletchers website & was thinking about purchasing 1 for my son (Stephen Williams).
    Could you please confirm the price in $AUS also any P & H charges to Perth.
    Need to check with Stephen as to whether he would prefer this or an EPERB…… especially after his recent adventures 🙂

  6. rodthomas says:

    Thanks for stopping bye. The same bag that Christian has ( the Tilopa ) is $349 which includes any ICU of his choice ( sml med or lrg ). Postage to Pert will be $40, a little bit more if you want it sent express… I have all colours in stock, Black Grey and Foilage Green and can have one off to you within a day or two… let me know if I can help you.

    Thanks Deb

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