Christian and his Fstop….

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thanks to Merv French for this photo. I reckon this will be the second last post from my blog as we know it. My site is due for lift off anytime now and has an integrated blog in it, so there will be no more Christian and co were off down south shooting the cape to cape run and Merv managed to get this shot for me with the new Tilopa ion action, thanks Merv.

We have loads of stock if anyone is interested in these bags, and Ben from Team Digital is now Western Australia’s only distributor for Fstop… Pop in and see him if your in the area and ask to check them out….Wishing everyone in blog land a safe and merry christmas and look forward to catching up soon.. Ill let you all know when hte new site is live.

  1. wayte27 says:

    Merry Xmas Rod.
    Looking forward to seeing the new site and getting my hands on an f/stop bag in the new year.
    stay safe mate cheers Adrian

  2. rodthomas says:

    Cheers Adrian…. same to you mate.


  3. danproud says:

    Dammit, CF has so much cool gear in that shot!

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