Fraser Beach

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We have been having some ok mornings here of late. I went out again to his beach this morning after seeing the little channel made from the rain ( see previous post, OPENING UP )


And for anyone interested, the new site is getting closer to life huh.. .stay tuned for more details.


Opening Up

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Opening Up

I have been going to this particular spot for what seems like forever, having grown up in the area my whole life. I am sure there has been this little channel that OPENS UP into the ocean, but  I cant remember when. Maybe its to do with all the rain and windy weather we have been having, but I think its looks pretty cool…..

Anyone who is a photographer ( and I know there are lots out there ) there is a new camera bag that has just hit the Australian market… Fstop ! !

They are the coolest bags I have ever used and are sure to be a hit here. They double as a camera / hiking backpack and have some other awesome features as well… The best bit is they are Airline carry on compatible and  come with a removable, optional ICU ( Internal Camera Unit ) in various sizes.

Click on the link here to check them out and if you want to know more just email for pricing.


I only have a few left in stock but we are taking orders for delivery before Christmas… SO BE QUICK

The Tilopa Backpack

” Clouds “

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" Clouds "

Kinloch, New Zealand

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Kinloch, New Zealand

Kinloch is  just past Glenorchy which is about 50 minutes or so from Queenstown. I was give the tip to go here by a NZ photographer called Mike Hollman ( a great photographer and a super nice guy ). It was such a nice place, nothing there really, apart from us, our van and two minute noodles that always take longer than 2 minutes to cook……


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" Treeline " New Zealand


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Lake Wanaka

Just a little old tree ( that has been shot to death ) in the water at Wanaka. A fairly simple composition but I think it works…